“Arches – Reflections on Serra” was conceived as an interpretation and an impression of the works of the great American painter and sculptor Richard Serra. Long fascinated by the elegance of Serra’s Torqued Spheres and Ellipse sculptures, I have been working on a way of interpreting the perception of space created throughout each sculpture. Similar to the experience of walking through Antelope Canyon in Arizona, where each step along the millennia-shaped walls brings with it an absolute shift in perspective of space, and your own sense of self within that space. It is a trans-formative experience.

A less anticipated result of this series is the reversal of positive and negative spaces that occur when you compare the experience of considering the sculptures vs. the watercolors. This is due to the dramatic difference in scale between the 16 foot-high sculptures and the 30″ drawings, the eye perceives the contrast between the dark and light elements as well as the curvature of the sculpture itself vs. the space directly above and below it in reverse. Read the series statement here.